BSM Wreckers etabliert sich in Hofors


BSM Wreckers AB in Borlänge move their operations to Hofors.
Hofors company Bäckströms Mechanical becomes one of five partners in the company which is expected to begin operations in Hofors in August.

BSM Wreckers AB’s principal activity is the installation of tow trucks, from 3.5 tons to 70 tons, and will move its operations to an industrial premises in Böle Industrial area.
The refurbishment of the premises have started and when we move in we will be able to work with three major vehicles in parallel.
Christer Forsberg, CEO of BSM Wreckers AB, welcomes the move to Hofors.
- It feels great to get close to Bäckströms Mechanical who are becoming one of the shareholders of the new company. We have with us four permanent staff now when we move to Hofors, but we expect an expansion of the company within 2-3 years and are aiming to have 10-15 employees.
Börje Andersson, CEO of Backstrom Mechanical;
- We have had some cooperation in the past and when we planned changes, BSM Wreckers courted Backstrom mechanical for greater cooperation and now it becomes reality. For us it’s mainly about strengthening the Bäckströms Mekaniska staff in the first instance, but I have hope and faith that it will lead to new employment in Hofors.